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Devon Fudge

Our own hand made fudge pieces stirred into vanilla ice cream.

Ice Creams

Jersey cows could have been invented for ice cream.

Their milk is rich in cream and protein and so perfect for ice cream. Rookbeare ice cream has a pure clean taste and is made with no additives of any description.


“I bought a tub, and immediately ripped off the lid. I was taken aback by how much it looked like my ice cream of two decades ago. The pale but deep cream colour. The size and distribution of the fudge pieces. But it was tasting it that really blew my mind. This was my ice cream. The rich raw milk taste and silky, yolky texture of the frozen custard. The chilly graininess of the fudge. Taste memory is the most poignant, and perhaps the most accurate too. It all came flooding back in a delightful, sensual wave of oral nostalgia.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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