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Keep it simple was the watchword of legendary French chef George Auguste Escoffier.

Meaning use the best ingredients that you can and do not use anything unnecessary. Find natural balances and allow food to taste of itself.

Away from food, Mies van der Rohe made the same point – less is more. This applies to any good design and sums up what we try to do at Rookbeare.

The water for the sorbet comes from our own spring. For ice cream, the milk is from local Jersey cows, the free range eggs fresh from a local farm, the cream fresh from another neighbour.
Everything else is chosen with the same care and insistence on quality, put together with simple elegance.

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We never ever use starches, modified or otherwise, seaweed derivatives such as carrageenan or alginates, gums, colours or anything that shouldn’t be there. Neither do we use any highly processed ingredients – cane sugar is used unrefined, fruit is used unsweetened, cocoamass undivided…

It means the recipes are harder to get right but by sticking to our principles we hope you agree it is worth the trouble.

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